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ACO Building Drainage: Hygiene First

Hygiene First

At ACO, we are committed to addressing future needs and to raising industry standards in the food sector. Hygiene is essential for us! We address the changes in food consumption preferences and the increasing importance placed on hygiene and hygienic design.

We tackle two of the food industries biggest concerns, reducing the risk of food contamination, and optimizing cleaning costs. We call it the Hygiene first philosophy, and it stands for our commitment to the ultimate Hygienic performance! 

ACO has more than 30 years’ experience with stainless steel. Manufacturing technology and craftsmanship are at the heart of our business. It is our core competence. The whole production process is done under one roof. From initial design to final surface treatment.

It allows us to secure the quality. To deliver the ultimate Hygienic performance.

ACO employs extensive research and product innovation. Our aim is to minimize potential threats and enhance cleaning performance. We understand that proper installation and maintenance as equally important as Hygienic design. 

Therefore, ACO initiates training programs around the world to improve the understanding of how. Drainage systems influence food safety and cost reduction. ACO puts hygiene first.

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