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Winery & Brewery

Stainless steel drains are used throughout winery and brewery facilities. ACO stainless steel drains provide easy wash-down and integrate with the flooring to deliver a smooth finish. Some areas experience extreme loads such as forklift traffic requiring heavy duty grates & drains while tasting rooms and bars require attractive and aesthetically pleasing drains. ACO is a proven leader in this industry delivering high quality solutions for wineries and breweries across the globe.

Maximum Hygiene

Hygiene is a top priority in a commercial kitchen. Make sure that all components of the drainage system have a round bevel. Residues can easily get stuck in corners. Prevent your drainage system from becoming a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. ACO has developed HygieneFirst® products for this area.



Surfaces in an industrial kitchen should be slip-resistant. This also applies to the drainage boxes, channels or drains. The drainage system should be able to drain off large amounts of water quickly to avoid puddles.

Permanent Tightness

The connection area between the floor pan or floor drain and the floor covering should be permanently tight and level. This not only ensures that the system is more durable and stable, it also reduces the risk of various occupational accidents.



Several ACO product recommendations include:

Offers easy layout configuration, transportation and installation.

Manufactured with a central slot for water capture.

Adjustable and fixed height with horizontal or vertical outlet options.

Available in multiple diameters with a wide selection of fittings and accessories.

ACO Kerb is reliable wall protection that prevents walls from impacts, water or chemical penetration, or other damages associated with traffic in the production process.