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Grocery & Convenience Stores

Commercial kitchens inside of grocery stores and convenience stores is a rapidly growing industry. Selecting the right drain system will help protect your facility and customers from food borne illness or bacteria.  ACO drains promote hygienic designs and efficient cleanability. Waste water can also contain fats, oils and grease (FOG) which is a major cause of pipe blockages and cannot be released to the waste water system. ACO stainless steel drains and grease management products are an ideal solution to your kitchen design.

Several ACO product recommendations include:

Offers easy layout configuration, transportation and installation.

Manufactured with a central slot for water capture.

Adjustable and fixed height with horizontal or vertical outlet options.

Available in a number of sizes, flow rates, designs, outlet positions and diameters.

Available in multiple diameters with a wide selection of fittings and accessories.

ACO Kerb is reliable wall protection that prevents walls from impacts, water or chemical penetration, or other damages associated with traffic in the production process.

ACO Goslyn is the most efficient grease removal unit on the market. No moving parts, low maintenance and easy installation make it an ideal choice for kitchens.