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Applications – Healthcare-Education

Stainless steel is one of the most sustainable material choices available and is 100% recyclable. One benefit is that it reduces the consumption, expenses, energy and time to mine other valuable resources. ACO has a proven history of success with designing high quality stainless steel drains for public facilities.


Healthcare facilities maintain strict hygienic environments in order to protect visitors as well as staff. Stainless steel’s inherent hygienic properties make it ideal for healthcare facilities. ACO stainless steel drains are durable, easy to clean and deliver a long lasting performance.

Public Facilities

The properties of stainless steel make it a powerful candidate in material selection. When total life cycle cost is considered, stainless steel is often the least expensive option. ACO stainless steel drains coupled with an effective flooring solution will ensure a long lifecycle for your facility. Whether you are designing a school, office or prison, ACO stainless steel drains are a long lasting solution.