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Applications – Hospitality

Property managers and owners must deliver a safe yet attractive environment for customers. ACO drains are durable and hygienic plus have an aesthetically appealing finish that can complement your facilities design.

Hotels and Resorts

Delivering an exceptional guest experience helps drive any hospitality business. ACO Building Drainage products are not only durable and hygienic, they add style and help promote your businesses core image. ACO has an extensive reference list of 5 star hotels and resorts across the globe.

Public Spaces

Shopping malls, theme parks, zoos and other public space facilities must maintain a safe environment for a high volume of pedestrian traffic.  Drainage around sidewalks, parking garages and roofs is imperative to keeping customers safe in your facility. ACO has a number of products designed specifically with these facilities in mind. Our drainage solutions can help meet the drainage requirements for any facility.

Leisure and Sports Facilities

Managing all aspects of the guest experience is the priority at any size leisure or sports facility. ACO stainless steel drains can be an attractive addition to the layout of the facility while delivering efficient drainage to protect your guests.