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Applications – Pharmaceutical

Facilities associated with health and personal care must maintain strict hygienic environments to protect the safety of consumers. Stainless steel’s inherent hygienic properties make it ideal for these facilities. ACO stainless steel drains are durable, easy to clean and deliver a long lasting performance.

Vitamin Production

Vitamin and dietary supplement production best practices include efficiently designed facilities where floor drainage is incorporated in the operations process. Drainage in these types of environments must have drains of adequate size with trapped gullies and proper ventilation. In addition, any open channels should be shallow to facilitate cleaning. Any equipment that comes into contact with the supplements should be easy to clean and near drainage to avoid standing water and other risks associated with poor drainage. ACO has an extensive reference list in the vitamin and supplement industry across the globe.

Prescription Drug Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturers must always maintain a sanitary environment to avoid any risks associated with bacterial growth and prevent product contamination.  For industrial pharmaceutical facilities, having the right drainage system allows our biochemical waste to be disposed of efficiently, safely seamlessly and in an environmentally safe and conscious manner.

ACO offers a wide range of specific products tailored to meet this industry’s needs, including essential pharmaceutical drainage solutions to fit any sized business’ unique parameters and concerns.

Personal Care Products

If you are planning an investment in a manufacturing facility and want it to be installed on a long-lasting floor, you should choose drains that will last as long as the flooring solution. Maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment starts with the floor up. Selecting the right system for your facility is key to preventing unwanted consequences of ineffective drainage. Let ACO Building Drainage help you design an effective drainage system.