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Applications – Residential

Residential drainage requirements are often dependent on the environment and traffic type. Drains used in and around the home must be aesthetically pleasing and stylish. ACO drains meet ADA compliance laws, help prevent water leaks and provide an attractive finish to any drainage project.

Shower Drains  

ACO residential shower drains are designed to meet a variety of specifications such as ADA compliance, dynamic loads and sizes. ACO’s Plus and Premium product lines offer a range of styles and finishes designed to meet all specifications plus deliver a luxurious finish.  Whether you need functional drains, luxury finishes or both, let ACO help you design your dream shower.

Threshold, Balcony, & Roof Drains

Trench drains in hospitals and other healthcare facilities are an important part of the overall public and property safety and special considerations, such as pedestrian and wheelchairs as well as heavier vehicle traffic should be accounted for.