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Classic Finish

Classic Finish

Enhance your space with one of our most flattering and timeless finishes. These popular options are available on-demand which ensures faster delivery to you. Choose a classic finish that will complement and complete your shower to enjoy for years to come.


ACO’s Brushed Stainless finish (formerly Electropolished) captures a classic ‘brush-stoke’ texture. A modern, yet timeless finish that pairs well together with almost anything, especially with Brushed Nickel and most silver-toned metals and hardware.
Create a serene and neutral space to induce tranquility through the use of soft and light wall colors while pairing it with an on-trend subway tile, or a more classic marble or light granite.
For a monochromatic look, add gray or black tiles and play around to achieve various level of contrast. Alternatively, create an earth-inspired room by using pebble tile and neutral wall colors.
This highly versatile finish can be utilized in a variety of color-schemes and tile-types as per the above suggested combinations to create a space that is perfect for you.


Our highly popular, Matte Black finish will create a grand and prestigious feel in your space. It offers a flat black finish without shine or reflection. Offering an edgy, minimal but stylish finish with a trendsetting sheen that pairs well with many various colors and hues.
Don’t be afraid of incorporating deep wall and tile color into your bathroom. Dark hues can still create a sense of comfort while introducing an element of drama, and dark hues don’t have to mean black or gray.
Deep blues, teals and greens can offer a classic look and feel. While a more neutral approach such as charcoal, which is warmer than other grays and not as harsh as black, can be paired with white tones to carry through a calming effect.
This edgy finish can be paired with these bold colors and neutral hues to create drama and style.


Our Polished Chrome features a mirror-like finish and appears reflective, adding a touch of modernism. Though not actually chrome plated to ensure longevity, this finish pairs well with most cool-hue hardware to create a lustrous balance.
Soft shades of pale blue or periwinkle on the walls with classic marble tiles offer elegant sensibility. Teaming these light hues with white and chrome accents offers a neutral balance.
Create a subtle yet eye-catching shine by pairing subway tiles with chrome to create a contemporary look. Or choose a bold way of creating the bathroom you love and pair with darker hues that have ‘cool’ undertones to create a harmonious look and feel.
This lustrous finish will always be a fan favorite thanks to its ability to work with just about anything it is paired with.



Explore specially curated, hand-crafted finishes made just for you.
Unique colors that respond to modern trends beautifully and stand
out from the crowd. These made-to-order luxury finishes create drama
and stunning trend-setting combinations that you will love.


Delicate, lustrous blend of yellow gold, copper and silver shades to produce a subtle romantic finish. A modern look that flatters and creates a stunning combination that pairs with most Rose Gold, Pink or Copper finishes on the market.
If you are more in-line with a retro, vintage or romantic atmosphere, rose gold is the right choice. Evoke a classic retro look by pairing with lighter pastel pinks, blues and grey wall colors.
A sleek white bathroom with neutral mosaic tile can create a vintage look, and bold botanical greens, or dark blues to add an element of romanticism.
Rose gold is the perfect for those looking to upgrade their space and implement design elements to exude luxury and elegance.


Created to mimic natural aging and weathering of pure bronze, our Oil-Rubbed Bronze finish is handcrafted to evoke uniqueness and create an antique ambiance. Featuring a darker earth-tone hue that pairs well with other warm and neutral colors.
A ‘warm’ shade of green that makes you feel like you are surrounded by nature and luscious foliage can really deliver a calming atmosphere. Incorporate slate tile, rich woods and rubbed bronze to complete the intriguing mix of textures.
If green is not the shade for you, rich browns and khaki tones mixed with creamy whites can create an earth-tone serene space as well.
Bring nature to you and create a rustic space using warm colors that couple strikingly well with this dark and oil-rubbed bronze finish.


A striking allure of warmth is achieved through golden hues seamlessly blended and showcased in a satin finish. Explore a rich and vivid look that stands-out in just the right way. This finish enhances most yellow and gold tones and pairs well with darker colors.
If you seek a hint of luxury and enjoy the allure of a classic antique style, hints of watery blues or emerald greens and use of textured wallpaper will take you there. Mosaic tiles in a neutral color or a pattern can create interest in the room without being overwhelming.
If color is a bit too much for you, a neutral black or white creates just the right feel and pairs extremely well with brass accents to create contrast.
Satin brass, a classic and warm accent piece pairs very well in a variety of color-schemes, flawlessly elevating the look of your bathroom.


Luminous and moody, much like a full-moon, Black Nickel is a contemporary dark yet reflective shade used to convey strength and style. Create a unique and dramatic look with this finish that can be combined with most Titanium and black stainless tones.
If you enjoy neutrals, they can have the starring role in your bathroom. A variety of textures can help to create contrast, while black nickel compliments and elevates the room.
Alternatively, pair it with dark luxurious wall and tile colors to modernize your bathroom and create a warm and inviting space.
Black nickel has a more subdued finish, lending itself to a more traditional look and the option of working well in both light and dark spaces and with just about any color scheme.