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Goslyn: The Easiest & Most Efficient GRD on the Market

Goslyn Grease Management

In commercial kitchens, effective grease management is vital to prevent clogs, odors, and environmental hazards. Traditionally, grease traps have been the go-to solution, but advancements in technology have introduced a superior alternative – the Goslyn Automatic Grease Removal Device (AGRD). In this blog post, we’ll explore why the Goslyn (AGRD) surpasses traditional grease traps and why it’s the ideal choice for modern kitchens.


Efficiency and Performance

Unlike traditional grease traps that rely on manual grease pumping and cleaning, the Goslyn (AGRD) automates the grease removal process. Equipped with a self-regulating heating element and a flush valve for easy cleaning, it efficiently separates grease, oil, and solids from wastewater, ensuring optimal performance. By preventing the accumulation of grease, the device significantly reduces the risk of blockages and unpleasant odors, keeping the kitchen running smoothly.


Space-saving Design

One of the standout features of the Goslyn (AGRD) is its compact design. Traditional grease traps require considerable space for installation, taking up valuable floor space in the kitchen. In contrast, the Goslyn (AGRD) can be conveniently installed beneath a 3-compartment sink, utilizing the available space efficiently. This not only improves the workflow but also provides more room for essential kitchen equipment.


Easy Maintenance and Compliance

Cleaning traditional grease traps can be a messy and time-consuming task. Regular pumping and manual scraping are necessary to keep them functioning effectively. With the Goslyn (AGRD), maintenance becomes a breeze. The flush valve system eliminates the need for manual intervention, saving time and effort. Additionally, this device meets or exceeds all industry codes or standards, ensuring compliance with local municipality requirements.


Environmental Friendliness

The Goslyn (AGRD) goes beyond efficient grease removal; it also prioritizes environmental sustainability. By intercepting grease before it enters the wastewater system, it prevents pollution and reduces the strain on local water treatment facilities. This eco-friendly approach aligns with the growing focus on sustainability and responsible business practices.


Cost Savings

Investing in the Goslyn (AGRD) offers long-term cost savings. Its automated functionality minimizes the need for professional cleaning services and reduces the risk of costly plumbing repairs. Furthermore, the device maintains a 96.4% grease removal efficiency which helps maintain the effectiveness of the entire wastewater system, preventing costly blockages and backups.



The Goslyn Automatic Grease Removal Device represents a significant advancement in grease management for commercial kitchens. Its automated operation, space-saving design, easy maintenance, environmental friendliness, and cost savings make it a superior alternative to traditional grease traps. By implementing the Goslyn (AGRD), kitchen operators can ensure a more efficient and sustainable grease management system, allowing them to focus on what they do best—creating culinary delights.

Embrace innovation, choose Goslyn (AGRD), and experience the future of grease removal in your commercial kitchen.

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