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Glass | White | 27.55 (700)

Part No. 9010.56.72
Price $392

The Glass shower drain has a modern and sleek look that can complement a variety of tile choices. The white finish pairs well with almost any color and style. It is made with high-quality tempered glass that will give off just the right amount of sheen, making it easy to keep clean and looking like new.
This ACO ShowerDrain Glass grate comes in 27.55” (700 mm) length, and 15.39 sq. in. (99.3 mm) grate intake.
With easy installation you can have these installed in no time. Ensure the system is installed in accordance with instructions and recommendations. ACO recommends checking local plumbing codes prior to installation.
Additional accessories can be purchased with this grate to ease installation and visual esthetics. Browse accessories below.

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