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Tile-In | Oil-Rubbed Bronze | 27.55 (700)

Part No. 37327
Price $547

The perfect camouflage, you won’t even know it’s there. The Tile-in grate can provide a perfect fit, color-match and look to blend in with your tile seamlessly.
The outer rim of this ACO ShowerDrain Tile-in grate is in the Oil-Rubbed Bronze finish evoking uniqueness and creaing an antique ambiance. Featuring a darker earth-tone hue that pairs well with other warm and neutral colors. This grate comes in 27.55” (700 mm) length, and 13.66 sq. in. (88.2 mm) grate intake.
These stainless-steel shower drains are durable, designed to last, and easy to install. Ensure the system is installed in accordance with instructions and recommendations. ACO recommends checking local plumbing codes prior to installation.
Additional accessories can be purchased with this grate to ease installation and visual esthetics. Browse accessories below.

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