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Part No. 140200

SplashLight is an LED emitting shower accessory designed to be concealed and long-lasting. Water activated color changing LED’s complement a bathroom’s ambiance with minimal setup and maintenance; all you need is an ACO ShowerDrain Premium ShowerChannel and Grate.

ACO SplashLight contains two low-voltage battery-operated LED units which fit directly into the ACO ShowerDrain Premium channel grating. These units will illuminate once they come in contact with water and will come off approximately two minutes after the shower is turned off.

Using the programming software called Picaxe, follow the simple steps in the programming instructions to switch between multiple light colors. The following colors are readily available following our programming instructions below:

ACO SplashLight Blue program

ACO SplashLight Green program

ACO SplashLight Rainbow program

ACO SplashLight Red program

ACO SplashLight White program

After replacing the existing bumper pins with the new ones on the grate, all it takes is sliding the SplashLight unit in until it locks into place. For full installation instructions, see below.

Getting Software
Picaxe (Programming Software)
1. Go to
2. Click software on the top menu bar
3. Click PICAXE Editor 6
a. Note: There may be an updated version of the PICAXE editor with a different number
4. Under downloads, click the PICAXE Editor 6 (main installer)
5. Once complete, click open download and follow instructions to install program

AXE027 Driver (USB Cable Driver)
1. Go to
2. Click software on the top menu bar
3. Scroll down and click AXE027 USB Cable Driver
4. Under downloads, click Windows Preinstaller
a. Note: if programming cable has been plugged in before, instead download Windows Driver
5. Also under downloads, download and open PDF Manual
6. Follow instructions on how to complete installation of drivers

Color Files (files for changing color of programming of SplashLight)
1. Go to
2. Select programming
a. Note: Download will start automatically

Programming SplashLight
1. Open PICAXE Editor 6
2. On the left-hand side under Workspace Explorer, set the PICAXE Type & Simulation to PICAXE-14M2,
set the COM PORT to the specific COM PORT that the driver is assigned to
3. Click Open on the Home Screen at the top left-hand side of the screen
4. Navigate the file explorer to downloaded color file and open
5. Plug in AUX to SplashLight and plug in usb end to computer to designated port
a. Note: Use same port every time
6. Click the Program button in the PICAXE Editor program
a. Note: Wait until program shows that the file was successfully programmed
7. Unplug Device and Reinstall SplashLight into drain (See SplashLight Installation Instructions)

Installing ACO SplashLight

  1. Use a lifting key to remove the grate from the shower channel.
  2. Remove the existing Bumper Pins from the sides of the grate.
  3. Replace Bumper Pins with new ones provided with ACO SplashLight.
  4. Insert SplashLight unit making sure the lights are facing toward the center of the grate and the smooth side facing down, inside the channel.
  5. Carefully slide the unit into the new Bumper Pins until it locks.
  6. Place the grating back into the channel and press down gently until whole unit becomes flush.

Before charging the LED units, thoroughly clean and fully dry the entire surface prior to inserting them into the charger. The supplied charger is to be used ONLY with the ACO SplashLight LED units. Use of this charger with any other rechargeable batteries may result in severe damage to the unit.